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En Startup Academy unimos lo mejor de los programas de aceleración de startups con una formación sólida impartida por profesionales que están utilizando en su día a día las metodologías que te enseñamos en el curso. A través de sesiones presenciales impartiremos un temario completo y adaptado a las necesidades de los profesionales del entorno digital.

El programa formativo consta de una primera parte troncal que se compone de distintos módulos entre los que encontramos Kick-off and Team Building (inicio del programa y selección de proyectos), People & Technology (habilidades emocionales y tendencias en tecnología), Experience Thinking (metodologías de diseño y desarrollo ágil) y Acceleration & Growth (crecimiento e inmersión en un ecosistema digital). Durante este proceso el alumnado aprende a idear, desarrollar y validar un proyecto de internet - web o app- de forma que todos los conceptos teóricos se adquieren en base a una experiencia práctica y real marcada por la filosofía de learning by doing.

Kick-off and Team Building

The program begins with a weekend immersion in the world of startups, emulating initiatives such as Startup Weekend or iWeekend. Participants have to present their ideas in 3 minutes without using any electronic support or device. Once the 5 best ideas are selected, multidisciplinary teams are formed, which start to work on the project using methodologies that will be further explored during the course.

People & Technology

In a highly uncertain environment, emotional intelligence, effective communication and the ability to manage one’s own and others’ emotions are essential. High performance teams require a framework and a culture that allows making the most of their members. Personal growth and overcoming limiting beliefs are a key factor when undertaking projects that require great involvement and commitment.

Experience Thinking

Identify unresolved everyday problems, analyze them and design creative solutions using the most sophisticated techniques based on visual thinking and teamwork. Define and shape a business model, understanding the different elements and implications. Become familiar with the key innovations in project management and development as well as the most common errors.

Acceleration and Growth

Discover and validate the hypothesis of a future business. Track the most accurate methods to launch and develop an internet project. Learn and compare the metrics with market standards. Know the legal implications of digital business and the most important aspects to consider. Management and control through key startup performance indicators. Know the different online marketing channels. Define a sales strategy and the steps to take the business to a global dimension.

  • Últimas plazas

    Introduce tus datos para que podamos ponernos en contacto contigo.

  • Kick off & Team Building

  • Intro.
    Speed networking p2p.
    Idea selection.
    Team formation.
  • People & Technology

  • Soft skills.
    Managing a startup team.
    Code trends.
    Ecommerce, marketplace.
  • Experience Thinking

  • Design thinking / Problem solving.
    Market intelligence.
    Product management.
    Agile, scrum.
  • Acceleration & Growth

  • Lean startup
    Online marketing
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